Monday, December 31, 2007

Amy Sheffer/ Pickled Paper Designs

If you have not added Amy Sheffer to your list of favorite blogs to visit, add her now ( She is my partner in crime! She has been consigning cards with me recently at Greenberry's Coffee & Tea (Leesburg, VA and McLean, VA locations). We met for coffee (can you guess where?) and she brought me a set of great Valentines to inventory. Check them out:

Lauren, are you near 46 South Park Place, Morristown, NJ 07960? That would be the closest location to you. Of course I do not know if the owner of that store can get the famous chocolate tea cakes...but at least you could get a decent cuppa joe and not have to go to Starbucks!



Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Happy New Year June xox!!! and I love Amy's card!!!

Corie said...

Happy New Year!! Big hugs and smiles!

Tracy said...

yup amy makes some gorgeous things ;-)
happy new year j!

lauren bergold said...

i do not know amy...YET...but if you and tracy love's just a matter of time, i guess! :)

PS: you are BEYOND AWESOME to find me a ew jersey GREENBERRY'S!!!! :) (no, it's not nearby...but maybe i will need to find out if they have said chocolate treats & then make a little field trip!)

Tracy said...

June - i meant to say this before - that Greenberry's is very near where i grew up! Morristown is right next to Parsippany :-)