Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't get me started on 'Joy'

A little mass production goin' on. I usually like to make one-of-a-kind cards or maybe a few of the same/similar. Of course, that's what happens when I try to make cards out of every last scrap...I like the challenge of that. But once in a while a little mindless mass production is therapeutic.

My left index finger is a little sore opening up all the mini brads used on both cards :) The "O" in "JOY" is popped up on dimensionals, though the pic makes it look flush with the card.

Many of my blogger friends have posted that they are a bit frazzled with Christmas preparations and not having time to scrap. I'm behind on some things and ahead on others. And you know what? I'm not even stressin' over it. E.g. I am gonna send out Christmas photo cards again this year, but the photo has not been taken yet :) Hey, I figure as long as I send them out before the Epiphany, I'm okay, right? But I have already written and sent 7 thank you notes for Christmas gifts. I also got all the gifts that needed to be sent wrapped and mailed and all have been received as of yesterday. And the girls' teachers, teacher assistants, therapists, and bus driver & her assistant have all received there gifts and sent me thank you notes. But I have not finished buying Julia & Kathryn's gifts or their stocking stuffers. Buying for them is SO much fun, so I'm saving the best for last.

I have today and tomorrow, and then Friday morning I am meeting Tracy at Greenberry's. What a GREAT way to kick off the big holiday weekend :)

And if you are curious about today's title, "Don't get me started on 'Joy'", it is a quote from one of our favorite tv shows, "Monk." Adrian Monk (Tony Shaloub) does not like Christmas, and in this year's Christmas episode he says that at the beginning of the episode. He cracks me up! I have that playing over and over in my head today. I took the online Monk quiz and I scored "more Monkish than most". Go, ME!


Tracy said...

big fat kiss to you sweetie! :-) i'm very much lookin forward to coffee on Friday
feels like friday wont come soon enuf either ... ugh!
these cards are adorable! i love that tree especially and the scallop - you know i loveee some scallops! and combined with the red gingham..... wonderful! you are a little crazy girl with the brads!
don't talk to me about the Joy... i LOVEEEEEEDDDDD that episode - he is sooo funny. i hope its on again :-) before the holidays are over.

Ila said...

Wow!! Have you ever been busy!! I love these cards as all the posts I missed.
I love the tree how you used the brad to hang a tag on..great idea.
I also love the fact that you embrace xmas rather than stress over it.....I'm tryin' But I have been getting a fair amount of company already. My Xmas shopping is pretty well done though except the groceries to make xmas meal.
I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!...Hugs, Ila

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

we love Monk too, and you know what, we did a little mass production here as well. Your cards are stunners!!!

we have a Monk coffee cup and a Monk bobble head. you can get them at the store online!

lauren bergold said...

i *LOVE* both varieties of card (they are indeeed stunningly cool!) but mostly i am impressed/inspired by your stress-free insouciance! you are SO RIGHT! nobody really cares if stuff is on time, anyway, it truly IS the thought that counts and in any case it seems like we are all in the same boat, timewise!

between you and tracy i am feeling MUCH calmer on the subject of xmas--TA VERY MUCH!!! apparently i just needed a sense of proportion! :)

ps: can you guys eat one of those chocolate teacake thingies for me at greenberries, please??!

Fe-Fe said...

Love the cards, they're great.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs Fe x

lauren bergold said...

well hello again, i know i have left a comment on these beauties already, but i have just stopped back to say,

a very, *very* MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and doug and kathryn and julia!

(not to mention a big "thank you" for making my little adventure into the blogosphere soooooo very much fun!)

(ps: tracy sez, "joy schmoy"!!!) :)