Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blog Candy Contest

My Blogoversary is coming up on June 1st. To celebrate 1 year and 1,066 hits (even though 692 were probably me checking to see if you left me a comment) I am having a contest.

There will be two prizes, so there will be two winners! You must link your entry to this post by midnight on June 7th.

My twin daughters, Julia & Kathryn, were born June 7th (they will be six years old, how did that happen so fast?), so it is only appropriate that each of them will draw a name and I will announce the winners on June 8th.

Julia contest: Create a gatefold card. It can be a traditional down-the-middle gatefold like mine from my previous May 27th post or it can be different like my May 24th post. Use any sketch you like. The only criteria is it must be a gatefold card!

Kathryn contest: Create a unique card using some of patterned paper scrap from a previous card. Take a picture of both cards (or link each card)...keep in mind the cards may not be identical!

So don't just sit there, get going! To win this blog candy, I want to see the eye candy you have created!


Tracy said...

well i may just play anyway :-)
hmmmm... what to make what to make........

lauren bergold said...

oooooooooooooh contest! OOOOH canddddddddy! gotta think! gotta think!

(ok, i'm gonna go think somewhere else...so as not to clog the blog...!) :)

Yvette said...

I did it! I did it! I did Kathryn's challenge - go check it out :o) Thanks for inspiring me.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

oh gosh what a lovel cntest! I can't make cards! what to do! good grief, I enjoy our blog so much and happpy upcoming birthdays!!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

forgive the typos! darn! hope you understand my garble!

Kristie said...

Hey Miss June....don't know if this counts for both but I made a gatefold card....using ONLY scraps. It was heaps of fun...my first gatefold card and using up scaps all in one fun project...YAY ME!!
The card that the DSP scrap comes from is two entries down, the Kristina Werner challenge one. I did have another card that used some of that DSP that I used a scrap of for the CC card, but I can't find a pic of it and I've given it away. The other scraps are from various projects...but who knows which ones????? Hope I qualify for at least one comp:)

lauren bergold said...

ok, so it's the DAY BEFORE the deadline...but...i have finished, i have photo-ed, and i have posted my cards here:


and YEAH i said "cards" because being the big showoff i am, i have done BOTH challenges so there!!!

happy blogiversary, dearest darling, and many, MANNNNNNNNNNNY MORE!!! :)

Yvette said...

Can I enter twice? I did some more scrappy cards :o) Happy birthday to your girls - hope that have a wonderful day!

Amy Sheffer said...

Hi June - I got to play!! Yay!!! I did a gatefold. It's not a traditional gatefold, but I hope it will qualify. Check it out:


Thanks for the chance to win, but more important, congrats on your anniversary, and most important of all, Happy Birthday to the girls!!!