Friday, May 23, 2008

A Lauren Card!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I went to check the mail box and I saw this beautiful envelope (right). Completely hand drawn...can you believe it? DH asked me if I was ever going to open it because I sat and stared at the envelope for so long! You see, this is no ordinary card. This is a hand-made card from Lauren. Yes, THE Lauren. Lauren Bergold! Lauren, author of "...the GOOD blog names were taken..." Lauren on the Caardvarks design team. I carefully opened the envelope and admired the card. Cue DH, "Are you ever going to actually read what she wrote inside?" I don't know how long I sat and admired every detail she put into this card. I am fascinated by each of her creations, but they are even better IRL. Eventually I did read what she wrote, and her note was as lovely as this card. Thank you, Lauren! I LOVE my card :)

Now that you all know where I live, you are welcome to see this card IRL. I must insist that your hands are clean, than gloved before touching my Lauren card. Admission costs to see the card TBD at a later date.


lauren bergold said...


ok, aside from making me blush furiously (btw, i will be printing out this page and carrying it about with me for the next millenium or so--& reading my fave bits aloud to all & sundry!) you made me literally "LOL out loud" (as monk would say!) this morning when i saw not JUST m'humble card but THE ENVELOPE pictured here! you are too funny :)

you are also TOO KIND...and of course you are most welcome...but remember the point was for me to thank YOU...seeing as you're the one who sends beautiful handknits around to folks "just because"!!!


Kristie said...

If I got such a creation in the mail I would do exactly the same thing. It's awesome!

Tracy said...

i'd have done the same thing!
looked at the envy for forever contemplating all the wonders it holds inside... what a great card too ... absolutely fab-u-lous!