Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I C.A.S.E.d Artfully Ila & went "Old School"

I started blogging June 1, 2007. (HINT HINT candy coming soon!) I was inspired by my friend and former co-worker at Memories, Tracy ( While perusing her blog and trying to figure out how to navigate blogspot, I decided to give it a try. I am not so very computer literate. I can design a simple spreadsheet, e-mail, surf, and buy stuff online. Now I can upload pictures (at first DH did that for me!) But as my computer expert husband likes to say, "I think this computer thing is gonna catch on." So now I can blog simplistically. I don't know how to do blog rolls or change a header, and I'm okay with that for now :)

Anyway, I soon figured out how to leave comments for people and go through their comments to create my own "Favorites" of blogs I wanted to check regularly. One of the very first blogs I found was Ila's blog ( Please check her out! Each of her cards should be framed and hung on a wall. Ila colors her images beautifully and she often sews on her cards (wish I could do that!), and generally just has the nicest little details and embellies.

In an attempt to CASE Ila, I purchased the same Karen Foster dp right after I saw Ila's card ('s%20Day) and she said I could CASE it. Thanks, Ila! I went in my drawer of card sets w/ envelopes and found 9 Magenta cards that are 7 1/4" x 5 1/4". I figured to get the max out of my dp, one dimension had to be 4" and the other 6" or less. That would make 6 cards total with only a skinny strip of scrap (yeah, you know I'm gonna try to make a card with that scrap later!) So then I planned the rest of my measurements. I stamped the truck 6 times on scraps. I thought about colored pencils, but knew it would take too long to make all six. So I chalked! Then I went old school and pulled out my corregated papers. It is nice to use old supplies...geez, how old is this stuff? Corregated paper was one of my first purchases, along with chalks (I think I even bought them the same day at Michael's in 1999 or 2000.) It makes the card really 3D. Ila probably used a paper crimper and regular cs? I never invested in a crimper. It's not that I don't like the tool...I just did not think I would use it much and couldn't justify the cost of the tool.

So yes, I made 6 of these cards. One is going to my dad and one to dh's dad. The rest to Greenberry's. Now I need to make something for dh...he's not really and "old truck" kinda guy, kwim?


Ila said...

Your cards are Fabulous!! I love the added brad, and the tag for the sentiment. Love your coloring of that great looking truck. Thank you so much for casing my card and letting me know so I could admire it!!

lauren bergold said...

very cool...OLD SKOOL is sometimes the way to go, imo!

(btw--congrats on nearly 1 year...i didn't realize you started that close to when i did--i thought you were an old pro!!!)

Tracy said...

darn i forgot to ask yesterday if you had any of these hanging around so i could see IRL... O well.. lovely regardless. and i'm likin the old school - cos i AM old school LOL