Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Craft Room Re-Org & Sale???

Here are the scraps from Sunday's card. That makes one more card I can use as a thank you card.
The last time my craft room was organized, it looked like this (April 2008). See the green Cuttlebug on the floor (bottom right)?

Now with my Jet Max cubes, it looks like this:
JMO: this is not as high quality as the Crop n Style cubes, but it is also much less expensive. It's workin' for me. I hope I can keep it neat and organized, because it sure is helping me be more productive.

Here is (mostly) SU! products on the right side and bottom left.
On the left:
The top left shelf are DCWV pads. The 2nd shelf has varied 6x6 pads and my basket that is more of a catch-all.
The 3rd shelf is Cosmo Cricket.
The 4th shelf is scrap SU cs.
The rest is all SU! Sue has enabled me quite well...not that I need much of a push :) Wanna see what is in the drawer?

Yea, most of my SU! punches. See? Thanks, Sue :)

Top: Cuttlebug embossing folders, idea books, families (Wild Asparagus; My Mind's Eye; KI Memories;etc.) of 12x12 papers in seperate large ziploc bags, sketch idea notebook.
Bottom: The Cuttlebug and QuicKutz Revolution are off the floor!

Then this arrived in the mail. Now I'm gonna buy some SU! dies from Sue, but now I suppose I should sell my Cuttlebug and Revolution.


Leslie Hanna said...

Holy cow, woman! Alright, that's it! I.will.get.organized. I will. Really.

Tracy said...

i had to laugh when i saw the big shot... girl :-)
you've one upped me :-o LOL
we were running head to head for a while there ha!
i'm so in love with my cuttlebug i dont think i'm giving it up for a long time
now guess what i'mdoing... organizing ... again. getting ready to go full speed ahead to finish scrapbooks in time for 2 graduations! :-)
thanks for putting the pics here sweetie pie - its almost as good as being there... almost

Tracy said...

i keep forgetting to say - i love the new picture. you are gorgeous :-)

Windy Hills said...

You inspire me again and again! Your "business office" looks so professional, organized, and so you!

Corie said...

OK, I am so jealous -- I want to re-do my area now. This looks FANTASTIC!!!

Sue Hyer said...

Wow June! Your room looks like a magazine layout! I bow down to you!

From your enabler,

lauren bergold said...

OMG--can you say JEALLLLLLLLLLLLOUS?!?!???!???!?? gorgeous room...but SOOOO deserve it, so i will take back my envy afterall!!!

(ps: did you say *SELL* yer cuttlebug??? ...hmmmmmmm...)

Kristie said...

I am totally impressed and jealous too. Your room looks amazing!