Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not Your Average Joe

I got nothin'. I actually was making cards yesterday (thank you cards for dh whose birthday was last week...now he is 42 like me!) I went to use my brand new curly label SU! punch and it doesn't work. Bummer. So I got nothin'. If you are still reading this, you must be more ahead on your holiday prep than I am or you are one of my 6 loyal blog followers :)

What have I been up to since I last blogged?

Well, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Sears repair man (actually, he was a she, so repair woman) came and fixed my washing machine. I spent Thanksgiving with my parents and grandparents at my Grandma's house. That was all good. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...it's all about the food. We e-mailed our Christmas photo to Ritz camera for our holiday photo card. I send out 100 of these out, so I needed to get them done. I spent the rest of the weekend doing 2-3 loads of laundry each day until I was caught up, taking care of Kathryn (congestion head cold), and Christmas shopping. I picked up my photo cards on Sunday and got them all mailed by Thursday. Whew.

I kept Kathryn home from school last week (Monday & Tuesday), which put me behind on my errands and chores, but it was nice to spend time with her. Then dh came home with a fever and congestion on Wednesday. He stayed home Thursday and most of Friday. He was feeling a lot better by Saturday, so he helped me pick out 100 pics of the girls from Dec. '07-Nov.'08. I buy those little photo books that have sleeves for 100 4x6 pics and give the album to all of our grandparents (Julia & Kathryn's great-grandparents) and their Godparents for Christmas. So I buy 6 albums, fill with pics, wrap, and send. One hitch: I called to see if they were ready on Sunday, but the machine at the shop was broken Monday-Thursday.

This past weekend I sorted the photos into 6 piles of 100. I had 7 of one pic and 5 of another. Argh. Then as I filled the 6th album, there were 4 pictures leftover. I checked to see if any pages were stuck together. Nope. Only 48 pages instead of 50. Bummer. So I called Ritz camera to get them to print the missing pic. I drove to ACMoore to exchange the faulty album. Yes, I counted the pages in the new album before exchanging :)

I wrapped the albums and prepared for mailing and went to the post office yesterday morning. I went to our downtown Leesburg post office for the first time. I happened to be downtown anyway, so I stopped there. I arrived at 9:15am. Our other post office here in the 'burg opens at 9am and it is much larger, but s l o w . I heard this little one is quick service, but parking can be problematic. But the downtown office apparently does not open until 9:30am. No worries; I decided to enjoy the gift of 15 minutes to relax. I knew the rest of my day would be rush, rush, rush. There is one man in front of me, and we exchanged pleasantries. Then another man walks in (this is not your average Joe guy...in reference to today's blog title), and we chat. Another woman and man come in and we all chat. The first guy kinda turns his back to us. The last two people kinda chat amongst themselves and I talk to Not-Your-Average-Joe guy. He is very pleasant. He picks up his POBox mail and delivers a tin of cookies to the Postal workers, whom he knows all by name. We continue to chat. He's wearing a ball cap, a sweatshirt, and jacket. An average Joe, right? I'm thinking he looks familiar, but figure I've just seen him around the 'burg. This is not a big booming city, ya know. Then it dawns on me.

Duh! I ask, "Are you Joe Theismann?" Yeah, it was him! #7!!! Then I turn into crazed-Redskin-fan-woman :)

Now that's a good day!


Leslie Hanna said...

Sounds like you have been busy, but meeting Joe was very, very cool!!!!

And you have been busy crafting, just not making cards. Pretty soon I will be scrappin' myself. I hope.

Tracy said...

oh June... you musta been in heaven :-) of all people for YOU to meet but Joe T... that's sooo funny! i didnt know he lived here in town ...
i remember going to his restaurant back in the day LOL....
i guess that was you little christmas present :-) santa is everywhere :-)

lauren bergold said...

...and did you win the THEISMAN TROPHY?!?! (that's my dumb non-football-girl joke! pretty good, dontcha think?!) ;)

i have to go to the PO right now actually...i do hope OJ isn't there...that man is such a bore on the subject of postal rates!!! :)