Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love You!

Love you, Corie, for inspiring me to make these cards. Your cards are gorgeous!

Love you, Sue, for lending me this SU! stamp and SU! markers to match with my SU! dps and cs.

Love you, Deanna, Sheryl, and Chris, for being a great inspiration to me each and every month.

Love you, friends & family, for taking time out of your busy days to check my blog :) It really makes my day!

Love you, dh, for putting up with my stamping obsession passion!

(I met Deanna last Spring through a mutual friend, Catherine. Catherine knew we would like each other. She was right! In September I invited Deanna and her best friend, Sheryl, and a friend of mine, Chris, to get together one Friday morning each month to make cards, scrapbook, alter art...whatever inspires us. Deanna named us "Design Divas". We have a great time and I look forward to seeing them every month. Deanna just started her own blog called Girls In "The Craft" . Go check it out, okay? Thanks!)


Kristie said...

That's just gorgeous Miss June!!!
And of course we all LOVE YOU for inspiring us with your beautiful work (and for being soooooo sweet) ♥

Corie said...

This is beautiful!! Love you too, you are so sweet!!

Girlsinthecraft said...

How sweet all your "love yous" are! I appreciate all your kind words. Truly, I am the lucky one. I feel so fortuanate to be in your presence. I am in awe of your work and love every minute I get to learn from you. When I read your blog today I have to admit that I got all teary-eyed. Thanks so much for your support and for being such a sweetie...........Deanna