Saturday, January 31, 2009

Treasure Each Day

I am really happy with this card. Here is the story behind this one:
A few months ago I did a mini re-org of my embellies (more of a consolidation) to help me remember what I have and make my MM embelllishment center look less cluttered. I came across this scrap of ribbon (probably American Crafts?) On my next trip to Michael's, a package of epoxys caught my you see why? The stripe pattern matches the scrap of ribbon! You know I couldn't let that coupon go to waste, so I purchased the epoxys. I put the ribbon, epoxys, and other possible "love" or Valentine's Day embellies in an old jelly jar.
I dumped them out on my work space yesterday, looking for inspiration. The ribbon and epoxy caught my eye, so I decided to start there. Then I pulled out my oldest box of DCWV cards, and found two of this pink color. I have exactly two of these "treasure each day" epoxys and 3 scrap stripe ribbon...I can get two identical cards! Next I pulled out my Bazzill scraps bags. I chose some strips, cut down to the right lengths, and layered on other Bazzill scraps. Then I was wishing I had the Cuttlebug hearts embossing folder. Then I remembered that my BF, Kaye, gave me some Fiskars plates for Christmas. I decided to see what patterns were on the Fiskars plates...wahoo! Hearts! Now that I have my Big Shot, I can use them! I still felt it needed a little something. I looked through the epoxys and saw two arrows. I put it "through" the largest embossed heart, and pointing towards the sentiment. Ahhhh...


Girlsinthecraft said...

Absolutely adorable June! Of course, wouldn't expect anything less from you. It was great to hear your story too. I just love hearing the creative process..........Deanna

Leslie Hanna said...

You got a Big Shot!?!?!? SHUT UP! Sigh ... I almost caved last month, but I held out. I am still using my Cuttlebug for the one Die I do have.

I also like how your card came together. Someone else said she sets up an Inspiration Station, where she puts everything that could be used for a particular occasion, then she makes sure to look at it and walk past it a lot, and eventaully she starts to see possibilities. You did basically the same thing: put all the parts-is-parts together, shook them up, dumped them out, and looked to see what went together. Perfecto! :-)

Kristie said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I'd be pretty happy with myself too if I'd made such a lovely creation!!!!
I can't believe you got the Big Shot and this is the first we've heard about it!!!!! I am so hanging out for the new catty April 1st to see if we're going to get it too....otherwise I'm going to have to get some kind of embossing thing, for sure.
I think Leslie is talking about Mish Mash:
She does awesome *inspiration stations* for all the big card making days.

Corie said...

I can see why you are happy, it's beautiful