Friday, August 3, 2007

10 layer card. Count 'em! 10!!!

Using my scraps again. This is not a new layout by any means. I've used "LOVE" and "NOEL" in this square before, but never with so many layers. This simple basic design took forever! I felt like every square needed a little "pop". So I matted each pp (discontinued MM) on white cs, trimming closely. The letters are stickers. Digressing here...when I first started to scrapbook 4 years ago, I only really knew about paper piecing, MM coordinating papers, and letter stickers. When MM discontinued these papers soon after I got bitten by the scrapbooking bug I actually thought, what am I gonna do now? Funny, huh? I've come a long way from that time. I was inspired to use my stickers and these papers again when Nathalia posted a blog entry where she used some old tired stickers that she made new and cool. Check out all her fab creations here:


Tracy said...

oh so cute :-)
and i've still got lots of the MM watercolor paper. i bought tons when we did the 5cent a sheet sale (b4 you moved here)... i wondered how i'd use it all but you know its kinda basic - like khakis or a plain black skirt... you always can use it :-)

Nathalia Castellon said...

TEN?! OMG! Faboolous June!

Ila said...

This is Fabulous!! I love the colors and layout you've used here. Going to have to check out that link...TFS.