Thursday, August 9, 2007

To Do List / Clutter / Craft room

Answer me this: Do any of you have a "To Do" list that has items on it that are a year or two behind? This is just one of the three piles of Julia & Kathryn's art work sitting in the floor of my craft room. After pre-school let out in June, Doug and I did a whole house clean out. My craft room is the tiniest bedroom, but somehow when the rest of the house got cleaned out (even the garage), everything we did not want to get rid of ended up here.
I am blogging this so that my blogger friends can hold me accountable. I am on a mission to get this room cleaned up and organized again! It is making me nuts!!! I never seem to have enough time just to get a card made, but I am determined to make this work. I will go without sleep, if necessary, but I want it done! Like all of you, I have a lot of balls I am juggling. Even though there are never enough hours in the day, sometimes I get more done when I have too much to do. It's times like these when I work on something I probably really don't have time for, but it feels good getting it done even though there are other things to do of higher priority. And some how I get it all done when I am determined to do it.
On Monday's post I mentioned I worked on updating my photo album, Julia's photo album, and Kathryn's photo album. I was 21 months behind, and now I am caught up. So next chore? Get caught up on the girls' art work. I am 17 months behind on this job. (Not counting the pile from camp this summer!) Doug helped me take pictures of each piece of art work for each child. I have gone through and picked out a few special pieces I wish to hold on to. Now the piles are waiting for the grandparents to choose what they wish to keep. The rest goes in the trash. I have the pictures developed. 7 boxes of photos to sort and put into their art work photo albums. I am dreading this chore (I always do) and I keep promising myself I won't let it get so far behind...
So will you be my cheerleader?


Tracy said...

sis boom bah
(how'midoin?) rotflol
good for you sweetie - hope youre gettin lots of cleanin up done!

lauren bergold said...

awww maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! tracy took my LINE!!!!!!! (dang!) :) (i'm totally serious--that's EXACTLY what i was going to say!)

( apparently i am going to have to be the *sensible* one...i'm not sure how to go about's never really happened before...) ...AHEM...

well, of course we'll be your cheerleaders! and i say, if something's driving you *NUTS* it's automatically the priority!

when i have a job i hate, i usually try to save a tv show or dvd or something i really like, but then i can only watch WHILE i am doing the can pick whatever treat YOU like... also, it totally helps to break the big job into tiny little steps and write them down! b/c when you have 5 min you couldn't possibly file all those pics...but in 5 minutes you could sort them into groups...or label them...or...well, you get my drift. (plus, the "crossing off" part makes ya feel SOOOO virutous!) while you're working on this, if you try to think up a system for shortcutting the job as you go along in the future, that will help it from getting behind again. (that one is from an organizing show on tv--so there!) :)

you realize, of course that the fact that your craft room got saved for LAST is not evidence of any kind of failing on your's the proof that you put EVERYONE ELSE first, and relegate things that only effect *yourself* to the bottom of the list!

so i am officially making YOU the priority! you DESERVE the lovely tidy craft room & i can't wait for you to give yourself that gift! wish i lived in VA...i'd come help!