Thursday, August 23, 2007

Card Makin' with Scrappin' Scraps

My next scrapbook pages will be of the girls' 2nd birthday party. I'm feeling a huge brain fog right now, so I'm taking a break.

Instead of filing away the scraps of dp in my already overflowing accordian file, I decided to try to use them on cards first. The top left card (and subsequent use of white scallops on two other cards) are scraps left on my table from my All About U card class (blog entry: I added a Bazzill chip to the front. The other four cards are made from some of the dp from my Happy Easter 2004 layout that I blogged 3 days ago.

Good news! Most of you know I began selling my greeting cards at Greenberry's Coffee & Tea in Leesburg, VA, 6 months ago. I average selling 8 cards per week. This month I began selling at the Greenberry's in McLean, VA. The first 10 days, I sold 15 cards in McLean! The manager called me Tuesday night and told me the good news. My dh had a meeting the next day in McLean, so I sent him to do inventory and re-stock my little basket. So this means in a non-holiday season I need to average 2.5 cards per day to keep up. I did not make any cards yesterday, so I made these 5 today. These would not win any card contests, but they will sell. Which one is your favorite? Please leave me a comment :) I love comments!


Unknown said...

These are so cute. I think you'd do well to sell some of these beauties online too. People could buy from their homes or from the office and have them shipped right to their door. I bet that's how got started.....:)

Tracy said...

oh goody! on the mclean g's. not surprised at all :-)
my personal favorite is the one with the chip and ze scallop! its cute as can be - love the colors - love all the rest too (specially anything with scallops!)

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Congratulations!!!I love these!

If I had to choose, I would choose the one with blue, because I am just a new grandmother of a boy!, and interestingly, the far right one on the same shelf...reason being, it looks handmade but in the proper way--the GOOD way, if you know what I mean, it has a lot of action on it, but it is totally chohesive, and I like the horizontal line...does that make sense?

Going back to see if I picked scallops. I am such a scrapbook and card neophyte!!!

Mother in Northern VA said...


These are ADORABLE. I love them all! I love your style. So clean, classy, stylish!

Have you ever considered submitting some to Hallmark of American Greetings? I am SURE that they need this type of talent!


lauren bergold said...

oooh congrats on the big SALES!!! (i looooove that your idea of "taking a break" to make a whole mess o' cards!) :)

my faves...i like 'em ALL, o'course, but my faves...are the two with the pink & green and the white scallopped band. i LOVE the color combo...and the clean pretty lines...and the scalloppiness! (and they are SUCH "june houck" cards!!!)