Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mother's Day 2004

This was a one page kit I stretched to two pages...too crowded for one page anyway. This was the day my husband left for an overseas business trip for 3 weeks. That was a long three weeks. In that time I packed our house in NC, my paternal grandfather passed away, closed on the house in NC, relocated two children and two cats to northern VA, closed on our new home in northern VA, and my husband returned from overseas the day after closing :) We loved our neighborhood in NC and the Charlotte area, but we love it here too. My friend Dianne says I would bloom wherever I was planted. Maybe. As long as there are good scrapbooking stores nearby, I guess. This transition was very easy for me (except for leaving my Supreme girlfriends in NC) because I am originally from MD, about an hour and 15 minutes from here. So I returned to Redskin country, the same newscasters, and radio djs I grew up with. And I am only an hour from my parents and my maternal grandparents. This is home for me.


Tracy said...

why dont i remember you did all that at once! without doug! omigosh june... very sweet pages :-)
and i agree - you would bloom wherever you are planted - you provide the sunny surrounding no matter what :-)

lauren bergold said...

i'm with tracy, as always! i think some people just totally carry their happiness INSIDE and...in your case...still have enough left over to spread around the rest of us! :)