Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Baby Onesie Card

I wish I could take credit for designing this sweet card. But I try to give credit to the people I CASE. I have seen a few of my blog friends create some lovely baby cards inspired by this design (like Corie and Sue.). I believe the person who deserves the credit is Lauren Meader. She has an easy to follow tutorial.
I used a piece of DCWV dp from one of their 5.5"x 6.5" pads (Nana's Kids Glitter Stack.) The polka dots are raised (dry embossed). Isn't it precious? And easy!


Leslie Hanna said...

I love these cards! That is wonderful-looking paper, too!

Next you can try to make a muu muu or a little black dress! I made one that was like a baby boy's sailor suit. The possibilities are endless. ;-)

Corie said...

You are so correct -- this is just so sweet!!!

lauren bergold said...

well hey, babe, i say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

ps: how long has the "WAHOO--42!" been there without me noticing?! HA!!!!!!!!! i laughed so loud just now i scared LHJ! :)