Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye Candy & New Toys

Great eye candy today!

These are the hand-made birthday cards I received from some of my stamping buddies. The top card is from Tracy, "Celebrate" is from Macarena, "Full Bloom" from Dora, and "You're On My Mind" from Kaye.

Seeing Kaye's Su Upsy Daisy card reminds me that I have 6 almost finished Upsy Daisy cards of my own in a pile on my stamp table. Hmmm...I think I can post them tomorrow...

These Memory Box paper packs and the MFT stamp set are what I picked up on Friday from Stamper's Alley. I have been eyeing these headless women stamps for a few months. I did purchase a set of MFT sentiments last August, but this is my first set of ladies.

And I picked this up from Mike's using a gift card I got for my birthday :) I've only poured over this beauty three times so far!


Kristie said...

Wow, you got some gorgeous cards there Miss June! I've been eyeing off the headless ladies too...looking forward to seeing what you do with them :) And those papers look yummy as well. Ahhhh, the joys of new stuff!

Leslie Hanna said...

Dontcha just love new stuff? Speaking of which, I need to go to Angela's to pick up some, um, new goodies she is holding for me.

Is that a new background on your blog? Nice! If it is old, then maybe that last task I just killed on my PC was keeping me from seeing it before. ;-)

Tracy said...

headless ladies... :-)
all your stuff looks fun. those page maps look really good :-)
and the memory box papers... dont let me see them in person... what i dont see i dont gotta have :-)

Tracy said...

forgot to mention ----
ooooooo fancy new background!
see you are very hi tech :-))
i wouldnt even know where to begin :-)

Michele Kovack said...

Lucky you to have gotten such great cards! And yea for you, for all of your new stuff!!! I love that Pagemaps book! I use it quite a bit!

lauren bergold said...

oh yum, yum, *YUMMMMMMMM* you got yerself a whoooooooole lot of goodness there, girlfriend, which is only fitting, since nobody deserves nice things more than you do!!!