Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello, Blogfriends :)

I made a dozen cards today (4 designs). And now it is dark outside, so I will wait to take pictures in the morning. My inside pictures of cards are even worse than my outside pictures; trust me on this :)

I think I'll snuggle with dhDH (dear husband Doug Houck) and watch a movie on the dvr. We were able to watch "Pushing Daisies". We love that show! We are the only people I know that like it, yet it did return for season 2, so there must be others who like it and we just don't know who. Sadly, "Back to You" did not get renewed. Kelsey Grammer is so funny in that role. And "Men In Trees". Oh well. My favorite show at the moment is "Burn Notice", but we also watch (in no particular order): Monk, The Office, House, Ugly Betty, My Name is Earl, The Simpsons, Numbers, Medium, Without A Trace, Battlestar Gallactica, CSI:NY, Bones, Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles, Boston Legal (just me), Brothers & Sisters (okay, just me), Desperate Houswives (just me again), Oprah (yep, just me!). Looking forward to "24" starting soon!


Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, I so do NOT watch TV, at least not Network TV. Though some might say the Food Network is technically a Network.

Enjoy your snuggle time. ;-)

Amy Sheffer said...

Happy World Cardmaking Day, June! A dozen cards?! You go girl! Can't wait to see them!

Tracy said...

ME JUNE ME! I Love pushing daisies!!!! and desperate housewives and brothers & sisters!