Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Gifts for Teachers

Phew... I got all these made today in about 90 minutes. I know these sour cream container projects have been around , but do you know I had never made one? Now I've made 16 :) These were the easiest teacher gifts I have ever made. Each one holds a snack size packet of M&Ms (plain or peanut). Miss Joy, if you are reading this, place your order now :)
I'll take these to school in the morning for the secretaries, speech therapist, p.e. teacher, occupational therapist, all teachers & teacher assistants that work with my girls, and the bus driver and bus driver assistant.
I used last year's SU Halloween papers, SU scallop punch, crimper, and a QK die cut (pumpkin).


Leslie Hanna said...

I love these! I am so glad yuo got them done. What a great idea to use last year's Halloween papers.

Aren't they quick and easy, too? I had this as a project last year, or maybe the year before, for one of my workshops, and they were a real hit! Even with the ladies who'd seen them before. Some of these come-around-again projects are still fun when they come around again, ya know? ;-)

Tip: You've GOTTA use the red tape if you expect them to stay stuck. Ask me how I know.

lauren bergold said...

well i've NEVER seen them...but even if i had seen them...someone who would come up to me at work...with a cute halloween-themed gift...which also HAD CANDY INNIT...would totally be MY HERO!!! :)

Tracy said...

these are adorable! i always have wanted to make these too.
i love that you made a cute bunch of gifts, in no time, used adorable papers you had... it doesnt get better'n this!

Tracy said...

oh and i'm with lauren... if its got candy --you've got my total devotion and admiration :-)
(can't wait for Halloween... the candy has no calories that day..)

joy said...

Hi June! Thanks so much for the delightfully delicious gift. Your creations always make my day...and so does chocolate. Happy Halloween to you and your little ghostlettes!

Corie said...

These are adorable, and the teachers will LOVE them!!!