Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello, 42!

I have been waiting for this day my whole life. As of yeterday, I am now 42!!!

My birthday weekend started off great. I was carded to buy wine at Wegman's grocery store! (They now have a policy that they must card 100%, even if you look like you are 99 years old. But who cares? I got carded at the end of my forty-first year!)

You may know that I LOVE the REDSKINS. Wasn't that nice of them to win this week just for my birthday??? When I was little, my favorite players were Charlie Taylor, Sonny Jurgensen, and Billy Kilmer. Sonny wore #9, Billy wore #17, and Charlie wore...can you guess????...#42! I also remember when I had to memorize my multiplication tables, 6x7 was easy for me to remember.
So yesterday dh asked me what will I look forward to now that I am finally 42. Silly guy. Art Monk is my ALL TIME favorite Redskin. He was #81. I can look forward to being 81 :)

I actually made these cards last Friday. I pulled out my corregated paper that I purchased at Mike's a decade ago. Do they still sell it? Not that I want any! I have a drawer full. I have not used it in years, until this year. I used some on my Father's Day cards, then as this cupcake. See, it pays off to hoard sometimes :) Now I have used every bit of this Basic Grey dp too. Life is good...

I'll share my birthday cards from friends tomorrow.


Leslie Hanna said...

Happy B'day To You!!!!! If I had known I'd have sent you a card!!!

joy said...

Happy Birthday! So glad I stopped by tonight...enjoy a fun celebration :)

Kristie said...

Happy, happy birthday to you Miss June!!! You really should have given us more notice of this momentous occasion!!!!!!!! However, a belated b'day card will soon be winging it's way from sunny Australia ASAP.
I hope you had the bestest day ever and that there was REAL cake as well as the card kind :)

lauren bergold said...


i have missed your birthday!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! so so so sorry! lemme chime in belatedly...

ahem (sorry. it's a bit early for singin' really...just as well it's only cyber-singing, for your sake!)

happy birthdaaaaaaaaay to you!
happy BIRTHDAY to youuuuuuuuu!!!
happy birthday oh simply elegant onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!
happy birthday tooooooo YOU!!!!!!!


Jackie said...

Hi Jane and a belated Happy Birthday! I love your cards and the one with the glittery purple house is cute! Thanks for stopping by Stamper's Alley today, and have a safe trip home.

Amy Sheffer said...

Super sweet, June!! Happy belated birthday!! Did you get my email?

Michele Kovack said...

Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Sounds like you had a great day!!! Love this cute!

Corie said...


Cutie pie card -- love it