Monday, October 20, 2008

What Can Brown Do For You?

What Can Brown Do For You? Seriously, who doesn't love the UPS man? When I was a customer at local scrapbook stores, we held our breath every Tuesday to see what new product the UPS man was going to bring. What Can Brown Do For You? My girlfriend, Kendall, met her husband because he is the UPS man at the dental office where she works.

Let me digress a little...
Friday started out like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I was feeling very much like Alexander and I just wanted to move to Australia. (I loved that book when I was little; written by Judith Viorst.) Then I went to our brand new Super JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts store that opened here in Leesburg on Friday, October 10th. This is the biggest event in Leesburg's history (post Civil War...LOL!) Of course we were in NC October 9th-13th. Waahaaahhhaa. I've been counting down the opening of this store for MONTHS. It is right outside my neighborhood! It is even closer than Mike's, which is a whole 2.1 miles away :) (ACMoore is 5 miles away.) We have a JoAnn's in Sterling, VA, which I avoid. It is always a mess and the parking lot is a nightmare. So I got to go to this brand spankin' new JoAnn's on Tuesday, October 14th. I think I'm in love...

They handed out $5 gift cards and 50% off coupons to the first 100 customers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Yeah, I went all three days. Everything I purchased was 30%-50% off. I used the gift cards and I spent a total of nine cents cash :) I love getting new stuff, and free is always good (I think you will agree 9 cents is practically free.)

Now back to "What Brown Can Do For You":
I'm on my way home with a bunch of Cloud Nine Design product (for 9 cents!): papers, chipboard flowers, and prima stickers. I see the UPS man has brought me an box. Hmmm...I have not ordered anything...I turn it over and see:

Look at these new toys!!!

Wait, it gets better... a card from Lauren!

Now I have to deal with the throngs of people lined up for admission to see my Lauren card :)

Can my day get any better? Yeah, looky here:

The mailman brought me my first Kristie card...all the way from Australia :)
So maybe I don't need to move to Australia after all. I must be doing something right to have so much love coming all the way from NJ and Australia.
The weekend continued to be fabulous; on Saturday I met lovely blog friend, Leslie, for the first time IRL. Leslie lives in MD. We met at Angela's Happy Stamper in Reston, VA. We figured out it is ~30 minute drive for each of us. We went over to Mike's afterwards to use some 50% coupons. Then on Sunday, Tracy called me and I met her at our new JoAnn's. So yeah, I have been to JoAnn's 5 of the 6 days I've been back from NC. Admit would too!
And gas prices continue to drop. I filled up at Costco for $2.50/ gallon! I never thought I'd be happy to see gas at that price; it's all relative.


Leslie Hanna said...

The gal in the apartment across the hall from me in college married her UPS guy. Well, he was her guy who was also a UPS guy. I think UPS is like the Navy, where you have to be a hunka-hunka to get in.

I am so glad there is not a new Super Joann's down the street from me. I am not strong like you are.

lauren bergold said...

happy belated birthday yet again, my dear!!! (HAHAhahahaHAha!) (sorry)

i am quite taken with that amazin' antipodean creation, myself...not to mention tales of product-based mountains on a .09cent expenditure! you are sooooo missus bargain hunter--MOST inspirin'!!!