Friday, March 20, 2009

All American Family Mini Book-- WWII Memorial Dedication

My parents and grandparents attended the WWII Memorial Dedication in May 2004. I taught this mini book class at Memories in June 2006. Yesterday was my grandpa's 88th birthday. I decided to finally get around to making this for him :)

This is (left to right): Grandpa, Grandma, and my mom :)

Atlantic (and there is another E page I accidentally deleted OOPS! with "Pacific"; trust me, the book does spell out FREEDOM with two Es).

My grandpa was born in Rhode Island (his parents were born near Montreal, Quebec.)

My grandparents moved to Maryland from New York in the 1940s. They still reside in Maryland. I'll go visit this Sunday for a little birthday party for Grandpa. In addition to this mini book, I am bringing cupcakes!
Supplies used: Basic Grey Hang Slash; Sweetwater Red; the dymo labels are actually EK Success Label Lingo-Patriotic; the mini brads, decorative brads and Cajun gingham ribbon are all Making Memories.
Eighty-eight sounds old...but I suppose it is a matter of perspective. Dh's oldest aunts (who you may recall turned 99 & 100 two months ago) would call my grandpa a spring chicken :)


Windy Hills said...

You did a fabulous job, and your family must be very proud of you! This is a fabulous book, and everything you do is CLASSY! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

lauren bergold said...

oh wow, what a cool minibook! your grandpa must've LOVED IT!!!!!!